About Us

The company Uolus was revitalized and strengthened with experienced management team, but its core elements still remain the same. The company provides a wide range of personnel services.

Our company’s motto is “Dictum Factum” – what is said is done. We meticulously follow the agreed clauses of the contracts, terms and conditions while working with customers and employees.

Our vision is to create high standards of work culture and workmanship while providing best results.

Our purpose as a business is to help building a world where everyone benefits from cooperation:

  • Experts, workers and specialists who offer efficient work planning while taking into account customers’ expectations and requirements and who can offer high performance results, mobility, flexibility and works implementation at customer’s premises.
  • High range of services in shipbuilding, ship repair, civil steel constructions industries as well as sustainable developed HVAC system production and installation.
  • Respect for the rights of people and customers we work with throughout the European countries.
  • Prospects for employees to improve their skills through training programs, gain financial stability and social guarantees.

Our service base is very versatile – from temporary/contract employment of the workers and specialist such as welders, hull workers, fitters, pipers, insulation workers, mechanics, scaffolders, etc, to employment of experts such as project managers, leaders and foremen. Our abilities, sufficient material base, experience and management skills ensure implementation of all the commitments in time with best results.

JSC Uolus is accredited company. Our quality management, environmental management and occupational health & safety management are certified by ISO standards.


shipbuilding, shiprepair, sobcontractor.